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 !  Welcome to Kongsberg


Kongsberg is wonderfull placed by the river "Numedalslågen". The city have approximately 25 000 inhabitants. The city have a lot of engineering industry developing products for aircrafts, automotive, space, marine, and offshore/ oil industry. The city grew up during 300 years of silver mines activities. A lot of monuments/ museum and mines are still available for tourist. We can recommend a tour with the small train inside the silve mines.

Other information about the city of Kongsberg:

Kongsberg have every summer a big jazz festival with famous artist from all over the world. In the summer ist possible to fish salmon not far from the city. Kongsberg is easy avalilable with train and bus from Oslo and the airport.

The most known companies placed in Kongsberg are:

  • Kongsberg Maritime (Kongsberg-gruppen)
  • Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace (Kongsberg-gruppen)
  • Kongsberg Automotive
  • Kongsberg Devotek
  • FMC Kongsberg Subsea
  • Dresser Rand
  • Volvo Aero




 !   Key information

Facts about: Kongsberg:
ca. 25000 inhabitants

One hour from Oslo

One hour from the coast

One hour from high mountains

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