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 !  Welcome to Kongsberg


Kongsberg have mountains and a terrain that is perfect for skiing. The possibilities are great for both cross country and alpine/ Telemark skiing.

If you are going skiing in Kongsberg, you have a lot of different facilities. Directly connected to the city and the city bus line there is a alpin centre with express chair lift, snowboard park ++. The grand old men from Norwegian ski history, the ski jumpers Birger Ruud, Sigmund Ruud and Petter Hugsted are all from Kongsberg.They have buildt up a great museum showing their history.


Birger Ruud monument shows the jump style called "Kongbergknekken"

Winter on "Knutefjell" in Kongsberg

Cross country skiing in Kongsberg:

Cross country skiing is possible directly from the down town and on the mountains near Kongsberg. Some slopes have light during evenings. More information abount skiiing in Kongsberg is available from the local tourist office.




 !   Key information

Kongsberg skisenter:

* express 4 seat chair lift

* 100% covered by snow guns

* big ski-in restaurant

* big snowboard park



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